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Sunset Interloper

Sunset Interloper has just been released! Valyk has created the perfect spot—a smooth black rock surrounded by deep water and covered over with sand. He likes to swim up to the surface, watch the sun set, and touch himself. But someone has been messing up his spot,...

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Conductivity Update

I have made the decision to pull Conductivity from the publisher. I no longer feel as though the publisher is a good fit for myself as an author, or Conductivity as a manuscript.

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Join me on Patreon, where I post about everything from the craft of writing to updates on my writing progress. Curious about what's already there? Take a look at the existing contents. Want to influence what comes next? Support me financially at any tier, and get the...

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A Study in Velvet and Leather

A Study in Velvet and Leather is now available for purchase. The book is being published with Improbable Press, and is available for order there, as well as through BookDepository,, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, and Barnes & Noble. Sharing a...

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