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Past, Present, and Future Work


That's right, I'm on Patreon now! Please feel free to follow me for once-monthly essays about the craft of writing, including deep point of view. Choose Your Own Adventure stories, with choices determined by polls, will be posted on an unscheduled basis. Patrons who...

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A Study in Velvet and Leather

I am super, super proud to announce that my very first book, A Study in Velvet and Leather, is now available!! The book is being published with Improbable Press, and is available for order there. It's also available through BookDepository,, Amazon UK,...

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Why Transformative Fiction?

So, why transformative fiction? What's the appeal, what's the draw? I wrote original fiction (and spun my wheels endlessly on it without any forward momentum) for years. There are a lot of things that I love--Sherlock Holmes, Star Wars, Robin Hood, Hannibal, World of...

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