A Study in Velvet and Leather is now available for purchase. The book is being published with Improbable Press, and is available for order there, as well as through BookDepository, Amazon.com, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, and Barnes & Noble.

Sharing a flat with Sherlock Holmes should not have posed a problem for John Watson—after all, Watson is gay, Holmes is a woman, and the arrangement is financially convenient. But when Holmes takes a complex case involving Irene Adler and a scandalous photograph, she turns to Watson for assistance. The case leads them everywhere from the opera to a secret Victorian BDSM club, and Watson soon finds himself questioning his partnership with Holmes, his sexuality, and his understanding of himself.

A pencil drawing of two empty gloves, lying empty on a flat surface.

A Study in Velvet and Leather is a canon-era story with BDSM elements, and primarily involves Sherlock’s investigation into a scandalous photograph, which brings both Sherlock and John into contact with Irene Adler herself. Improbable Press has published an interview with myself and artist Avid Branks about the story, and what drew us to the project in the first place.

A Study in Velvet and Leather is also on Goodreads.